[... I certainly can’t stop you from downloading scans, and would really have no interest in doing so. I don’t police my readers.

So long as you’re not making new money off me, I won’t track you down and have eels violently introduced into your innards through whatever human portal presents itself. How’s that?]

~Warren Ellis

Hang around Twitter long enough and you start to get the feeling that every author out there has a raging hard-on against the piracy that is stealing money out of their pockets and the food from their mouths and through the wonder of time travel, stealing candy from their hands as their mothers aren’t looking. It is a natural reaction to rage against being stolen from, but it seems that anger replaces thought more often than not and all that we’re left with are shouts against cruel injustice as a rally cry against piracy. Overreactions abound and are often amusing, but they get old and become boring the more you see them.

It is refreshing to take a break from that and stumble across an author not making a big deal out of it. The above quote revolves around comics, which seems to have a much more pervasive pirate culture than books (what with digital comics having arrived several years later than the demand for them), but the boat is similar. Not worrying about piracy unless someone tries to make money off of your work seems a lot more healthy than having an apoplectic fit whenever the subject comes up.

You can see the question that spurred the comment and the rest of the comment in the link above.

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